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What We Do

Website design by SBLMNL Scotland Ltd

SBLMNL Scotland designs and develops Responsive Websites and Web Applications. We’ve won a ton of awards and have an enviable record for web development. This is our showcase website.

3D Aberdeen

3D Aberdeen is the 3D showcase website of Deepbluemedia’s 3D division.  We specialise in 3D video and imaging solutions, in particular for the Oil/Gas, Medical and Construction sectors.


Deepbluemedia is a collective of our three main divisions.  The company specialises in the provision of multimedia, graphic, print, 3D, web and app solutions for business.

App Design Aberdeen

App Design Aberdeen is the specialist app production division of Deepblue providing development for all major Operating Systems inc Android, iOS, Windows & Blackberry.

Key Services

Web Design Aberdeen is our showcase site for web production however, as part of Deepblue, we also specialise in the production and delivery of the following key multimedia solutions.

Responsive web design

We make award-winning, fully standards-compliant websites. All our new sites are produced in a Responsive coding format, meaning they look great on any screen or device. With 65% of all web traffic now on mobile devices, Responsive design is no longer an optional extra.  

Web Marketing / SEO

There’s no point having a great site if your clients – and, perhaps more to the point, your potential clients – aren’t seeing it. Deepblue’s marketing and SEO solutions get you noticed and win you business. We can get your site top rankings in Google and other search engines through our dedicated Search Engine Optimisation programs.

E-commerce websites

An E-commerce site allows secure payments over the web 24/7/365. The death of the traditional high street is already real as shops move increasingly online to reduce overheads and reach a wider market.  E-commerce – earn money while you sleep.

App Development

Who would have thought the once-humble app would have become such an integral tool for day-to-day living. The logical progression of the internet onto hand-held devices has seen a huge spike in demand for these powerful little tools. Deepblue can design and develop apps for all major platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Bullet-proof Web Hosting

We offer Tier IV specification hosting on our own servers based in Los Angeles and Vermont – complete with cloud service and hourly triplicate back-ups. Don’t know what Tier IV means? Google it and see just how few companies offer it. We don’t take chances with our own website – and, likewise, we really don’t believe we should with yours.

Fully Updatable websites

These days, pretty much all the web work we do features powerful Content Management Systems. A CMS site put you in control, allowing unlimited updates and unlimited additional pages at no extra cost: the definition of true scalability meaning your site can grow as your business does.


These days, in order to have a successful website you need to offer more than just pretty graphics and “about us” pages.  We specialise in web and app programming – work that’s more in the realms of software development rather than just simple web design. Please visit our sister site, Programmers For Hire for more information.

3D Animation / Imaging

Our 3D modelling and animation work has been used in everything from subsea oil and gas animations to construction industry flythroughs to even the medical healthcare industry. 3D allows perspectives and movement not possible with traditional video. Furthermore, it’s produced at a fraction of the cost too. Please visit 3D Aberdeen for more information.

Video editing & production

Video is now an integral part of the web. An online advert for your company can be produced for far less than traditional TV – and furthermore you don’t pay each time it’s “broadcast”. Please visit the main Deepblue site for more information.

Graphic / Print Design

Even in today’s modern connected world, there’s still a very strong argument for the benefits of a tangible, weighty printed tome. Print still works and very much still has its place. Just ask any sales person which they’d prefer – a brochure or a link to a website. Bets are the brochure will always come top as a tangible communication medium. Please visit the main Deepblue site for more information.

Online Learning Apps

Online Learning Applications” shape=”normal” width=”third” last=”true”] Online learning applications offer study at the student’s own pace and at a time and place that suits them. Also, evaluation of progress is far easier from a teaching perspective too. Courses can be built and then used over and over – saving on the standard overheads of a real-life classroom. The advantages of e-learning applications are endless. Please visit the main Deepblue site for more information.

Logo Design

In most cases, the very first impression your clients get of your company is your logo.  It’s your handshake with the world. It adorns your letterhead, business card, brochure, website . . . And that’s why it’s important you get it right. The main Deepblue website has more information.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works 

Steve Jobs

Managed Websites

Having a website is only part of the process. If your site isn't getting you new clients and new work, it's not performing a useful function for your business. Problem is, market penetration only comes from regularly updated content - and very often, that just doesn't happen with company websites. Our Managed Web Service takes care of all that allowing you to concentrate on running your business.


So, you took the plunge and finally invested in all-signing, all-dancing new website.  Perhaps it’s a template site or perhaps it’s one of our fully-responsive CMS websites but, regardless, you’re published and part of the internet revolution at last.  Time to sit back, await multiple plaudits and customers rushing to your door.

Twelve months down the line and, for some odd reason, that new site isn’t performing quite the marketing miracle you’d hoped.  Why?  The primary reason is no-one is taking the time to update it.

We’ve been in this business a very long time and this is a recurring story across most websites.  Fact is, if you don’t update your site you give clients – and potential clients – little reason to come visit you.  Your Search Engine ranking drops down due to old content and visitor numbers slowly begin to fall away.  It’s hard enough running a business without having to also keep your website updated – however, featuring month-old news stories on your site is almost as detrimental as having no website at all.  Commonly the updating of your new site is left to someone in the company who’s neither that interested or even that skilled in design or marketing.  It’s a very familiar problem.

That’s why we’re now offering a whole new concept in web design and web marketing – that of the Managed Website Service.  Whether you’re running just an off-the-shelf template or one of our one CMS sites, we’ll do all your updating for you.  We’ll add pages, add news stories, build your Search Engine Optimisation and even update your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and YouTube accounts.  Simply send us the text and/or images and we’ll do the rest.  A Fully Managed Web Service for a nominal monthly fee.  Please see left for details or contact us for more information.


Updated Content

When you sign up to our Managed Website Service, we take control of your site with a dedicated Account Manager who you can contact 24/7/365.  Simply send us your content and we’ll take care of the rest.  Got a news story you want to announce to the world?  Just email us and we’ll proof the copy, optimise/resize the images and drop the content into your pages.  Got a new service you’ve just started offering?  No problem.  Send us the details and we’ll make a new service page for you.  Search Engines love regularly updated content – and we’ll optionally perform comprehensive web marketing as part of the service.

If your site isn’t seen, your site isn’t working
Managed, Updated Websites push you up the Search Engines

A Managed Website transforms the way your website works and how you interact with the web.  We take the hassle out of updating your site.  Sure, you’ve a Content Management System in place but who really has the time to use it – to change image sizes and optimise them for quick delivery over the web?  We take care of all these aspects and do the hard work for you.  We can even provide copy proofing to help make your text more punchy and appropriate for web delivery.

And all this for a nominal monthly fee based upon regularity and complexity of required updates.  Contact us for more information and to get a quote.

Search Engine Optimisation

Most folks don’t realise it but Google and other search engines prioritise their listings based upon complex algorithms which monitor, amongst other things, regularity of content updates.  Updating your site is essential to improve its prominence in Search Engines.  Simply posting a yearly news update isn’t enough.  If you want true Search Engine exposure, you need to give visitors (and search engines) a reason to come back to your site.

As part of our Managed Website Service, we’ll perform Search Engine Optimisation – key tricks to get you at the top of the rankings.  First, we’ll perform a website evaluation of the key words and search terms you hope to be found under.  We’ll set up backlinks to improve the popularity of your site.  We’ll assess your competition and ensure you first page ranking under your key search terms.

We don’t take this work lightly.  Before taking on an SEO contract, we’ll first perform a site assessment to make sure we can deliver on our guarantees.  Once we’ve assessed where you are – and where you could be – we’ll then take on your web contract and ensure first page rankings.  Now you really can sit back and watch your stats, visitors and income increase.

Social Media Updates

Social Media is a marketer’s dream.  You post an update, your clients see it immediately, like it and – hey presto – suddenly your news update has linked to another 100 users.  Sure, it can also be used for teenage angst updates and what they had for breakfast but, for business, it’s an essential marketing tool.  Used properly, Social Media channels will propel your site up the rankings and increase visitor numbers.

As part of our Managed Website service, we can also update your Social Media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube – whatever.  Send us your site updates and we’ll replicate the content across all your Social Media.  Trust us – this stuff really does work.

We can also include Social Media feeds direct onto your website, again giving visitors increased reason for coming back and also feeding Search Engines more updated content.

Website Appraisal Service

Once you’re signed up there’s a lot of grunt work to be done in the early stages however we don’t just stop there.  As part of the service, we’ll send you regular appraisals as to your site’s performance and how it can improve.  True success from this service doesn’t come from just a single update at the start.  We’ll regularly assess your site, your key words, your search terms, your Social Media performance and your Search Engine ranking.  We’ll offer regular advice on how we can improve your site and its interaction with your clients.

A Managed Web Service is just that – every aspect of your site and its promotion managed from one central location, affording you time to get back to the real job of actually running your business rather than stressing about web updates.  We also offer you a Management Platform where you can assess our performance and contact us directly.  Optionally, we can arrange a monthly meeting or phone call to find out latest updates in the company.  We have a Marketing Specialist in our ranks who previously worked as a Magazine Editor of national publication as well as Marketing Manager for a global oil company so we know how to handle PR, marketing and writing effective web copy.  Hand over your web marketing and PR to us and we’ll take care of it all.  Your rankings improve, your visitors increase and your internet exposure is increased.

Finally your website starts actually working for you.

Managed Websites – frequent, regular updates to improve your SEO, keep in touch with your clients and build your market.  Make the web work for you.

How we work

Web design is at the heart of what we do. It’s what our staff have done for over 20 years now – when the web we know today was almost unimaginable. That grass-roots learning has served us well. Put simply, there's no substitute for experience.


We take time to learn about your company, your market and your eventual goals from the development.


Where the magic happens – our team goes into overdrive liaising with you at every stage of the development.


After rigorous testing,  we get to push the ‘Go’ button and send our production live to your clients. It’s alive!


Years in business




Clients past and present


Awards & merits


We believe our work speaks for itself. Our most recent projects are detailed below.

Clients past and present

We have some of the best programmers, designers and 3D artists available. We believe diversity is the source of creativity. This allows us to work on hugely diverse projects - with equally diverse clients. Some of our clients past & present are listed below

Please click here to see more of our clients

 Awesome, brilliant, inspired, fantastic!

Aberdeen Angus Direct / Web client


We couldn’t recommend you highly enough.

FPD / Web & 3D client


We’re very pleased with the end product. Thank you.

Weatherford / 3D client

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We're a dedicated bunch located in a compact studio in the heart of Aberdeen city.

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